Vision Statement
We are a community of the imperfect, loving God by loving our neighbor.

Jubilee Shores began a little over 20 years ago with a vision of a church that was different than other churches.


Jubilee Shores wasn’t supposed to be a gathering of people who had life and God all figured out. ​Jubilee Shores was started for folks who didn’t have all the answers. Or who had made decisions that have left them broken. It was for those who were looking for more than that they had found in life. Church is supposed to be for those who need something, or someone more than the world offers. 


​Jubilee Shores wasn’t begun to be a ‘nice little church’ where ‘nice little people’ can come and hear a ‘nice little sermon’ from a ‘nice little preacher.’ We were started with the purpose of transforming the lives of friends and neighbors and the world, and showing them what the love and grace of God is about.​  Above all else, our priority is to use our time, talents, and resources to make the world a better place by serving those in need.