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  • What does the term "The Onion" refer to?"
    Once you get here it might become obvious. We do not have the big traditional red brick building with giant columns, and a spire that reaches 100 feet in the air. Our facility is a "Sprung" building that we think resembles an onion.
  • How long does your Sunday Service last?
    We begin promptly at 10:00 am, and generally are done by 11:15am. Everyone is welcome to come early to enjoy our sausage biscuits, sweets, and coffee; or stay after to fellowhip.
  • Are children welcome during the Service?
    Yes! We love having all ages participate in our time of service. We do offer childcare though if that is something that you prefer.
  • Is EVERYONE welcomed and ACCEPTED in your church?
    Absolutely! We do not proclaim to be "perfect", and certainly don't have everything all figured out. Most importently, we are NOT here to judge anyone. We truly believe in and practice the idea that we can all participate in one big tent (or in our case one big Onion).
  • What is the attire for Sunday Service?
    We are a very casual church. You will see people in jeans or even shorts as well as people in slacks and button up or dresses. Come as you are comfortable.
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