Our Pillars of Faith

Church is NOT about how we dress or what we say on Sunday morning.

Church is about making a difference in our world by reaching others

in need of help.

GIVE UP-We want to be intentional about giving back to God.  Our Sunday Worship time is designed to be for everyone.  It's a time to re-charge, re-energize, and provide the focus to go out and make the world a better place.  We are here to not preach TO you, but provide words to inspire and transform us further in His image.

GIVE IN-We invite you into community with others for the purpose of growing spiritually, caring deeply, and serving intentionally.  We connect with each other through our various Small Groups.  

GIVE OUT- We are passionate about reaching out to help anyone in need.  We have missions that we are directly involved in, like Comfort Sowers, Soup for the Soul, and other community projects.  And we are always looking for more ways to provide support and resources to established agencies and organizations 

Vision Team

Jane Cox-Chair

Brittney Liebbe

Cody Phillips-Lay Leader 

Bill Cummins

Marty Hays

Pam Meredith

Tom Miller

Susie Wallace

Executive Committee

Ed Forbess-Chair

Cody Phillips-Lay Leader

Colleen Avritt

Bill Cummins

Sandra Campbell

Susie Wallace

Bill Young